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Business Strategy Meets Design

Whether you consider it Strategy by Design or Design as Strategy, this is why Strategy and Design must now intersect in the practice of Brand Marketing.

Business schools tend to focus on inductive thinking (based on directly observable facts) and deductive thinking (logic and analysis, typically based on past evidence). Design schools emphasize abductive thinking—imagining what could be possible. This new thinking approach helps us challenge assumed constraints and add to ideas, versus discouraging them.”
~ Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley

All brand strategy is established through so-called mental maps of strategic decision makers (essentially their point of view of how they see the business landscape). But these mental maps are always constructed with bias, constraints, limitations on exposure, you get the idea. Design, however, is all about an exploratory approach to value creation.

When strategy meets design, the business approach – now driven by intellectual curiosity - can evolve beyond what was deemed possible. What emerges? Marketing Innovation.

We speak about how people are building brands; so what is your consumer generated media strategy?

We talk about the cultural consumer; so how do you define the elasticity in the brand idea?

Strategy Meets Design